Peter Cullen

Since being cast as the now famous Autobot leader during the 1980s, Mr Cullen has brought the heroic Optimus Prime to life in everything from cartoon series, to video games, to the silver screen itself. If you know Transformers, you almost certainly know his voice! Most recently Mr Cullen stepped back into the cab of everybody's favourite red truck to reprise the iconic role during 2018's blockbuster movie, "Bumblebee".

You may also, of course, know him and his charismatic voice from further roles in the Transformers, such as fan-favourite, Ironhide. Mr Cullen's wider resume includes other well-known 1980s properties, the likes of G.I. Joe, Visionaries, Knight Rider, and more. From Winnie-The-Pooh’s sad friend Eeyore, to the vicious alien hunter Predator in the 1987 live-action movie, there is something for everyone in Mr Cullen's portfolio!

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