Hayato Sakamoto

IDW artist Hayato Sakamoto is best known in the West for his contributions to Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye - particularly for his work in designing the fan-fave character Nickel (who so easily holds the terrifying DJD in the palm of her hand). He has also worked on Botcon strips on both covers and interiors. 

Sakamoto-sensei’s widest body of work is mostly seen in Japan, where he has lent his talents to pack-in and tie-in comics exclusive to TakaraTomy's releases of TF toys, from Kre-O through to the Combiner Wars line. These comics (which he often also writes) have given us some of the lighter, more humorous interpretations of the franchise in recent years, such as die-hard G1 fan Rhinox, and Sentinel Prime being depicted as a frustrated head on wheels.

He has also provided box art for a number of TakaraTomy's domestic releases of figures, and is a keen contributor to fan projects.

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