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Updated: 31st May 2020

Transparency statement

TFNation Ltd is committed to providing a clear and transparent service. This document has been written with that aim in mind.

Affiliate Disclaimer

TFNation Ltd participates in several different affiliate partnerships. These partnerships allow TFNation Ltd to earn advertising revenue, by linking to products on partner websites.

How do affiliate links work?

TFNation Ltd displays links to products which can be bought from various websites. If you click one of our affiliate links and then decide to make a purchase, TFNation Ltd is paid a small advertising commission.

How do affiliate links affect me as a customer?

Advertising commissions are paid to TFNation Ltd by the affiliate partner, not by you. There is therefore no financial effect on you as a consumer - the product will be the same price to you, whether or not you use our link.

Does this affect your independence?

No. If we don't like a product, we won't recommend it to you. On the other hand, if we do like a product, we are free to recommend it to you whether or not it is being sold by an affiliate partner. Nobody tells us what to recommend. Nobody reviews our posts or reviews before we post them, and nobody pays us to say anything we don't want to say. If a free product is sent to us for review, we will disclose this information to you. Our website users' trust is worth far more to us than any advertisement, so please rest assured that we at TFNation Ltd will only recommend products we genuinely like and think you might like too.

What do you do with fees earned?

TFNation Ltd is a fully registered private limited company. The company has various bills which need to be paid each month to continue operating. Fees received from affiliate relationships are used to help cover various ongoing costs.

Who are your affiliate partners?

TFNation Ltd has affiliate relationships with various partners. We will update the following list as and when this changes;

Amazon Associates Program

As an Amazon Associate, TFNation Ltd earns from qualifying purchases. The Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement can be read here;

Ebay Partner Network

When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in TFNation Ltd earning a commission.

The Ebay Partner Network Agreement can be read here;

Twitch Affiliate Program

As a Twitch Affiliate, TFNation Ltd earns from Subscribers, Ads, Bits and Cheering with Bits.

The Twitch Affiliate Agreement can be read here;


Stay22 is an online search facility which enables users to find hotel rooms and other short term accommodation. We do not pass any of your data to Stay22. Rather, we provide you with the option to click through to their website if you so choose to. The Stay22 map will create cookies in order to work with their partners including AirBnB, TravelPort, HotelPlanner and HotelsCombined in order to process any searches or bookings that you may make.

As it stands currently, Stay22 have one cookie originating from It is a session ID related to an UUID for performance reporting. For e.g: so thy get to know when a click, or a hotel booking via their widget happens and to which end-user it belongs to. They have 2 other cookies to track users originating from Google Analytics and Mixpanel. Most browsers today refresh (clear and re-assign) those cookies on load of the iframe if the iframe is in third party context. You can read more at

Social Media Posts

TFNation Ltd may sometimes use its various social media channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Youtube) to share advertisements or sponsored content. Tags will be used to ensure followers are aware of this.

For example;

  1. If TFNation Ltd is being paid to share the post, it will include a tag such as #ad or #advertisement.
  2. If TFNation Ltd is posting about a sponsored review of a product or service, it will include a tag such as #sponsored or #sponsoredby.

Finally, a reminder about cookies

Although TFNation Ltd does not use advertising cookies, please remember that other websites might. This could include affiliate websites we link to.

For more information please read our cookie policy which can be found here;

If you have any concerns about material which appears on the TFNation® website, please contact

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