Dear TFNationals,

Following the decision not to proceed with our 2020 convention in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have drafted this post to explain our ticket refund/rollover process.  Please take a moment to read this guidance carefully.


We have now finalised work on a streamlined ticket refund/rollover process.  To begin, simply log into your account on our website, click the "Order History" link from within the "Attendee Area" and you will see a new "Manage Booking" button below your order; click this to begin the process. You will then have until Sunday 16th August 2020 to make your decision.

This is how refund/rollovers will be dealt with;

  1. We will automatically rollover all standard 2020 tickets to 2021, unless you request a refund (exact event date TBA).  In the event of a price rise in 2021, we will honour the price you paid in 2020 if you choose to rollover your ticket.  If a Young Adult chooses to rollover their ticket, we will honour the free entry in 2021 even if they have turned 18 by the time of our event.
  2. We want to do our part to say thank you to the UK’s NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces who have worked so hard to keep us safe.  TFNation will, therefore, be offering 50% reimbursements to Blue Light Cardholders who booked a ticket for 2020 and decide to roll the same over to 2021.  
  3. Alternatively, you will have the option to instead receive a full refund. We will waive the usual administration fees.
  4. Those who ordered Leader packages will have the option to either roll over a portion of their ticket to 2021, with the balance being refunded; or alternatively, they will be able to request a full refund. Refunds will then be processed over the following 21 days.
  5. Those who have ordered merchandise will be given the option to either keep those funds as “TFNation store credit”, or to receive a full refund.


TFNation finds itself in an unprecedented position.  Although we utilise one of the largest event insurers in the world, we have been notified that Covid-19 related cancellations will not be covered.  Our various payment gateway providers have also notified us that they will no longer return the booking fees charged against tickets which are ultimately refunded.  

This stance is at odds with our own view that attendees should receive a full refund and as such, we will be making up the difference to ensure no attendee is left out of pocket. 

As a fully registered, private limited company, TFNation also has ongoing monthly and annual expenses which need to be paid even if an event is cancelled. Things like insurance, movie licenses and storage charges.  TFNation depends on income generated from running events to pay for these costs, which means the coming year is likely to be difficult. If necessary, our crew (who work for free) are ready to provide personal financial assistance to the convention.

There are several things you can do if you wish to help TFNation through this difficult time;

  1. The very best thing you can do to assist is to allow your ticket to rollover to TFN2021.  Whilst this will still result in a net loss to TFNation, it will afford us the cash flow we require to cover ongoing costs whilst TFN2021 planning continues.
  2. We are working on a limited-edition line of merchandise, the proceeds from which will be used to pay some of the bills TFNation has incurred in producing the abandoned 2020 event. It would be hugely appreciated if you would please consider supporting TFNation by purchasing these items once they are available.
  3. Some attendees have contacted us offering to donate a portion of their ticket cost.  This is something we have resisted up until this point, however, like many conventions we can now confirm that an optional donation link will be uploaded to our website. Nobody will be required to donate, but all payments received will be greatly appreciated and will be used to cover convention costs.


As announced yesterday, as a big thank you to our attendees, TFNation will be hosting a special online event on 15th August 2020.  TFN: The Big Broadcast of 2020 will be available to anybody who wishes to experience the fun and community spirit of TFNation, whether or not you held a ticket to our 2020 convention.

TFN: The Big Broadcast of 2020 will be a free to attend event which can be joined by anybody who has internet access, although there will be provision for attendees to make a donation if they wish to.  

More details will be announced shortly.