Peter Spellos

A proud New Yorker, Peter was best known to Transformers fans for his portrayal of the poetic Sky-Byte, in the 2001 Robots in Disguise Series. Peter lent his vocal talents to numerous other series, most notably Digimon, and made several onscreen appearances on shows such as ER and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (a landmark moment for a huge fan of the Man of Steel). He also acted alongside Will Smith in a memorable scene from Men In Black II.

From his adopted home of Indianapolis, to his home-from-home in the UK, Peter spent his latter years forging friendships across the globe, by way of his love for comedy-improvisation. Many of our attendees will fondly remember the headline Improvacons act Peter hosted at TFNation 2019.

Peter’s lasting legacy is that of a raucous raconteur, a wise sensei, and a caring friend who made new families wherever he went. Through his comedy improv workshops, he taught his students to overcome their anxieties and gifted them the ability to truly be themselves.

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