Anna Malkova

For those of you who have taken time to visit the Forge at previous iterations of our event, you will undoubtedly recognise Malkova's lush and lustrous (and quite often exquisitely dark) artwork, tapping into several pools of fandom favourites from the previous IDW Transformers narrative universe, and various other franchises such as Critical Role, Gargoyles, Star Trek, the DC Universe, and X-Men, to name a few. Now, she's working in the pages of the new IDW comics, both on interiors and covers!

That's not all: Malkova's artistic talents can be seen on creator-owned webcomic series Seed of the World, and working behind the scenes of mobile game developer RJ Games - where she works as Lead Visual Development Artist, and can be seen on the likes of their output Imperial, Virus, and In Conflict. She is also, we have it on good authority, a big fan of insects, bugs, and creepy crawlies.

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