Kei Zama

Starting with her series of covers for IDW’s Transformers line in September 2015, Kei-sensei has rapidly gained a large fan following, due to her mean and gritty artistic style, as well as her stunning commission work. Following on from her cover work, she brought the continuing adventures of Optimus Prime to life (along with writer John Barber and colourist Josh Burcham) in his titular series.

Outside of Transformers, Kei-sensei made her Marvel comics art debut with Scarlet Witch #10, has provided art for Sparklight comics, as well as covers for IDW’s Atomic Robo, and achieved a personal dream in working on an ABC Warriors-related piece for Fleetway/2000ad. Her Blackblood-themed story (written by the mighty Patt Mills) shows off her undeniable talent for monochrome imagery.

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