Geoff Senior

One of the most iconic artists to grace the Transformers comics.

Ever since his artwork first appeared in Transformers UK #42's Crisis Of Command he became a beloved mainstay of the title until the books conclusion, with his final story being the apocalyptic On The Edge Of Extinction, the majority of his body of work being made in collaboration with fellow TFN guest Simon Furman (with whom he co-created long-time fan favourite character Death's Head). With his deceptively simple linework and kinetic storytelling, Geoff has been cited as the inspiration for many artists working on the Transformers professionally today.

When Transfomers returned to comics, Geoff has found his way back to them as well, through the likes of Generation 2, Titan's Transformers live-action movie books, convention exclusive stories, and most recently IDW's Regeneration One. Outside of Transformers, Geoff has also worked on Action Force/GI Joe, Death's Head, Doctor Who, Dragon's Claws (also co-created with Furman), Zoids, Dark Angel, 2000ad and Judge Dredd: Lawman of the Future.

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