Nick Roche

A hot property in comic-world, Roche is presently working on projects for 2000AD and drawing covers for various Marvel titles. We also have it on good authority that he has a top-secret, creator-owned series in production... so what this space!

Other recent, notable work includes creator-owned mini-series Monster Motors (with Brian Lynch), Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man, New Warriors, Death's Head and Avengers: Back to Basics books, plus Titan Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... as you can see, he's a bit good!

Back in the world of The Transformers, Roche is presently working on covers for IDW's new ongoing comic book series. Of course, he is best known to Transformers fans for bringing to life some of the franchise's most acclaimed stories, in the Wreckers Saga.
Examples of Nick's work;

Last Stand of the Wreckers:

Sins of the Wreckers:

Requiem of the Wreckers:

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