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TFNation 2021 - in person event not proceeding

Dear TFNationals,

In light of the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve taken the decision not to proceed with our 2021 event, which had been scheduled to take place from the 13th - 15th August.

The decision has not been taken lightly. Whilst we were looking forward to seeing …

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TFNation 2021 Update - February

Dear TFNationals

We are aware of the recent roadmaps released by both the English and Scottish administrations with regards to the path out of covid-19 enforced restrictions. Naturally, these developments have led to several questions being asked about what this might mean for TFNation 2021.

There is no definitive answer …

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TFNation Colouring & Activity Book 2

Another year and another Lockdown, not quite the sequel we were all hoping for! But hey, not all sequels are a bad thing and with that in mind, last year we made the TFNation Colouring and Activity Book free to download. So why not do that again? Well we didn’t …

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TFNation 2021 Update

Dear TFNationals

It’s been a challenging twelve months and we’ve all been looking for silver linings. The best the crew could come up with is they’ve not had to worry about receiving a “while you were out” card instead of a parcel of new Transformers for quite some time.

We’re …

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