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Update in relation to COVID-19

Dear TFNationals,

It's great to see so many Transformers fans ready for the return of TFNation. Whether you’re posting on fan sites, hashtagging on social media or answering con-questions on YouTube, we’ve heard your excitement and we share it! But for now, we need to give you updated information about …

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Anna Malkova Unable to Attend

We regret to inform you that the wonderful Transformers comic book artist, Anna Malkova, is no longer able to attend TFNation 2022.

We're proud to call Anna a TFNational.  We send Anna our best wishes and look forward to welcoming her to our event again in the future.

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The Last Architect

One final guest for the road! As TFNation 2022 looms near, we have some more news for you in the shape of another comics guest: writer and main mastermind behind the second IDW Transformers comics universe, Brian Ruckley!

Ruckley starting his writing career in British scifi and fantasy magazines …

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