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Roll to the Rescue!

14:00 (BST)
Saturday 13th August 2022

Roll to the rescue! Animation writers Nicole Dubuc and Brian Hohlfeld join us to discuss the creation of Transformers Rescue Bots!

TFNation 2022's full schedule will be revealed soon and we have some interesting panels planned for you! Be sure to …

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A Generation and a Half

Fast forward a couple of years and we're finally able to welcome Andy Couzens to his first TFNation!

Who is Couzens, you ask? He is a former Hasbro designer, development and product manager, who started back with Kiddy Craft, then Milton Bradley - where he worked on Playskool and …

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Stamp of Approval

For years, t-shirts, spectacles, lunchboxes, trainers, you name it have all been made better by having Transformers images emblazoned all over them; now this August you can add postage stamps to that list. That’s right, you too will have the opportunity to own possibly the only Transformers merchandise to have …

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Fastest Scanner this Side of the Channel

We're bringing some more local artist talent to TFNation 2022, and a welcome return to a regular guest - colourist and writer John-Paul Bove!

Bove is a versatile creator, working on both writing and art sides of comics, ever since the fan project Transformers: Mosaics. You probably know him …

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Dungeons and Jack

Another fan-favourite and returning guest is joining us for TFNation 2022, adding to our roster of talented artists - please welcome back, Jack Lawrence!

Polyhedral artist Lawrence has long been a staple of the UK Transformers fandom, and worked his way into the IDW Transformers comics world with Sins of …

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