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Operation: Wreck and Roche - Guest Announcement

Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000038
 Operation: Wreck and Roche (Warning, trousers may shatter)

While we have enjoyed the incredible responses to all our guest announcements to date, it’s fair to say that few will give both the TFNation team, and it’s attendees as much pleasure as announcing writer and …

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TFN Declassified: - Entry 8: The TFN art collective

One aspect of TFNation that we have yet to reveal is our convention guide which, along with event schedules and listings, will also contain articles on aspects of the TF franchise, as well as artwork, created especially for us, by artists from within our community. These folks have been working …

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Operation: Guest Announcement - Sakamoto-sensei

Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000037
Operation: Guest announcement

With a flurry of new announcements waiting in the wings, TFNation moves ever closer to August by welcoming IDW artist Hayato Sakamoto to our inaugural event, on his first ever visit to the UK.

Sakamoto-sensei is best known in the West …

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Operation: ID: Error: ID: ERMAC: ERRR - Hello Bipedal ape descendants

Transmission Initiated…iniiated…in.
Transmission ID: ID: Error: ID: ERMAC: ERRR
“Dear ticket holders of TFNation_2016”
Operation? "No thank you I may be old but I'm perfectly healthy"

Hello Bipedal ape descendants. My name is Vector Prime, Primus appointed guardian of time and space and occasional convention guest. It has been brought …

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