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Introducing TFN: Mini-Con

TFNation® is excited to bring you an announcement that's so big it's... mini!

The first ever TFN: Mini-Con® will be held in Manchester, UK, on 25th March 2023!

This will be a more intimate event, which will compliment TFNation's larger August convention, giving attendees another opportunity to …

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TFNation 2022 Cosplay Applications Now Live

With a few months to go until the return of TFNation, we're excited to officially open 2022's Pretenders Cosplay applications!

The Pretenders Cosplay parade takes place during Saturday night's ClubCon event, and is split into two categories: Mech and Human.

Mech Cosplay: Includes full and partial rig costumes, which replicate …

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Caring for your Cybertonium

14:00 (BST)
Friday 12th August 2022

Astronautics & Spacecraft Engineer Josh Lurie gives us a guided tour into the materials, science and engineering of transforming toys. This panel will focus on why and how our favourite figures may break or wear over time and how we …

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Garry Chalk

16:00 (BST)
Sunday 14th August 2022

On the Sunday of TFNation, we sit down with the actor behind Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Unicron Trilogy Optimus Prime to discuss his impressive career. Now that's just prime! 

Garry will be taking part in activities all weekend, and will be …

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Triple Takeover

17:00 (BST)
Friday 12th August 2022

Liam (@ToyboxSoapbox), Maz (@TFSquareOne) and Sixo (@SixoTF) will be joining us on the Friday of TFNation, to present a special, live edition of the Triple Takeover Toycast! If you're new to the podcast, now would be a great time …

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