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Special Edition Front Cover News

The art world is filled with Transformers people, and the next guest announcement features one of the most distinctive: Matt Ferguson is joining us at TFNation 2022!

Ferguson is a UK artist whose work includes design and art for franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and various …

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(Don't) Erase and Rewind

Returning to TFNation for the August 2022 edition is the one and only, truly independent Transformers scholar and research archivist Jim Sorenson!

Sorenson is a staple in both fandom and the creative aspect of the Transformers franchise, and you can find his work behind the scenes of many different robotic …

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Elita Tier Guest

From across the ocean, we have a superstar voice actress ready to deploy at TFNation 2022, coming this August - please join us in welcoming Linsay Rousseau!

Rousseau's voice has been in many nerdy properties you know and love, including World of Warcraft, Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls …

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TFNation 2022 Discounted Bedrooms Information

TFNation 2022 Discounted Hilton Bedroom Information

Whether you're a returning TFNational, or a first-time convention-goer, we know hotel accommodation is an important part of your TFN planning. This year there is more to consider than ever before, as we try our best to accommodate Rollover ticket holders, new ticket holders …

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