With tickets for TFNation 2023 scheduled to go on sale at 12:00 midday (GMT) on Saturday 3rd December 2022,  the time has now come for us to address some of the most incredible people in our community - the TFNation Forge artists and Traders!

Forge and Trader stall applications will also open at 12:00 midday (GMT) on Saturday 3rd December 2022 - as has been the case in the past, this will be an application process, so you won't have to pay for your tables tomorrow; we will contact you later, if your application is approved, to arrange payment.

As a small business ourselves, we know all too well how difficult recent times have been for our Traders and Forge artists. We've therefore taken the decision to extend our price freeze for another year; we won't be able to do this forever, but we wanted to make an effort to show our support for you.

Trader Pricing

Trader spaces are sold in blocks. One block measures approximately 3.05m x 1.83m (10ft x 6ft) and contains three tables each typically measuring 1.8m x 0.76m (6ft x 2½ ft). Standard setup is two tables at the back and one at the front, with a walkway between, but you are free to arrange your tables as you wish within the allocated space. (The final hall layout will be confirmed at a later date).

Additional blocks come at a reduced rate and include three additional tables (per block).

Please note – unfortunately we are unable to guarantee power will be supplied to all of the tables.

  • 6ft by 10 ft (includes 3 tables, 2 Trader tickets*) - £200
  • 12ft by 10ft (includes 6 tables, 2 Trader tickets) - £350
  • 18ft by 10ft (includes 9 tables, 3 Trader tickets) - £500
  • 24ft by 10ft (includes 12 tables, 4 Trader tickets) - £630
  • 30ft by 10ft (includes 15 tables, 5 Trader tickets) - £760
  • 36ft by 10ft (includes 18 tables, 6 Trader tickets) - £870
  • 42ft by 10ft (includes 21 tables, 7 Trader tickets) - £980
  • 48ft by 10ft (includes 24 tables, 8 Trader tickets) - £1070

*A Trader ticket includes;

- Access to the Saturday Programme (including early access for setup).
- Access to Clubcon.
- Access to the Sunday Programme.

The Trader application form will be activated tomorrow morning and will be found here.

Forge Pricing

Forge tables consist of one table typically measuring 1.52m x 0.76m (5ft x 2½ ft) priced at £150.00, inclusive of one Forge ticket**. A Forge table may be shared by up to three Forge artists (who must be pre-registered with us), however the additional artists will need to purchase the appropriate convention ticket(s) for the day(s) they wish to share your table.**

**A Forge ticket includes;

- Access to the Saturday Programme.
- Access to Clubcon.
- Access to the Sunday Programme.

Please be aware there are strict rules for Forge Tables, including;

  1. No Official Merchandise.
  2. No Official logos are to appear on any items.
  3. Although customised toys can be sold, all figures must be modified. (Otherwise you will need to buy a regular Trader Block).

The Forge application form will be activated tomorrow and will be found here.