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Transformers Animated Season 4 at TFNation 2019

10 years, 2 Months and 25 Days

On the 23rd May 2009 Transformers fans around the world watched as Optimus Prime and his ragtag crew managed to return to Cybertron with the long-lost All Spark and capture Megatron. Sadly, this would be the last we would ever see from the …

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The Gundam Wing

With the 2019 edition of TFNation approaching, we still have plenty of news to share with you - including this further information on our latest addition to our weekend event: The Gundam Wing!

Yes, it's not Transformers, we know - but we share the 'giant space robots' part …

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Your Convention Needs You

As many of our attendees know, the TFNation Crew are a vital part of our whole operation. Each year, around twenty people volunteer their enthusiasm and effort to support our Staff, making the TFNation weekend a huge success. These volunteers are the ones on hand to assist with set-up before …

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A Man Of Many Hats

The next guest that TFNation 2019 is happy to introduce to all is a regular appearance at robotic conventions around the world: Transformers writer, archivist, historian, and super-fan Jim Sorenson!

Sorenson is a staple of the Transformers fandom and franchise, and has - as a fan - worked on Beast …

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