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Five Flints Of Darkness

Transformers multimedia writer and editor Flint Dille will be joining us for TFNation Big Broadcast of 2020! Dille has been involved with Transformers storytelling since the early days, first as a script supervisor for the original animated series in the 1980s, then as a consultant and writer for the 1986 …

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Divide and Conquer

It's Monday and you know what that means! At 7pm BST it'll be time for another TFNation watch along with David!

Last time, our new friend Chip Chase taught us the value of the floppy disc in Roll For It. This week, tensions rise as Optimus Prime suffers a …

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The Spacebridge is Fully Operational

We're thrilled to announce prolific voice actor Corey Burton will be joining us for The Big Broadcast of 2020!

Burton's time with The Transformers started at the very beginning, as he brought to life a whole host of characters, most notably Cybertron Commander Shockwave and the Autobot's human ally …

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