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TFNation Colouring & Activity Book 2

Another year and another Lockdown, not quite the sequel we were all hoping for! But hey, not all sequels are a bad thing and with that in mind, last year we made the TFNation Colouring and Activity Book free to download. So why not do that again? Well we didn’t …

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TFNation 2021 Update

Dear TFNationals

It’s been a challenging twelve months and we’ve all been looking for silver linings. The best the crew could come up with is they’ve not had to worry about receiving a “while you were out” card instead of a parcel of new Transformers for quite some time.

We’re …

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Where All Are One, We're All 2021

We're getting near that time, 2020 will soon firmly be in the rear-view mirror as we look forward to a new year with anticipation, and start counting down the days to all those special occasions over the next twelve months. Now, how will you keep track of all these important …

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TFN: The Gathering

Greetings TFNationals,
The dust has settled on The Big Broadcast and we're sure we're all looking forward to putting a challenging year behind us. However, it's been too long since we've all been able to get together and hang out. So, what can be done?

As we did with The …

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