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Garry Chalk

16:00 (BST)
Sunday 14th August 2022

On the Sunday of TFNation, we sit down with the actor behind Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Unicron Trilogy Optimus Prime to discuss his impressive career. Now that's just prime! 

Garry will be taking part in activities all weekend, and will be …

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Triple Takeover

17:00 (BST)
Friday 12th August 2022

Liam (@ToyboxSoapbox), Maz (@TFSquareOne) and Sixo (@SixoTF) will be joining us on the Friday of TFNation, to present a special, live edition of the Triple Takeover Toycast! If you're new to the podcast, now would be a great time …

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Genny's TFN Tips

It wouldn't be TFNation without her... Welcome back, Genny!

For new attendees, Genericon (or Genny, for short) is TFNation's Communications Officer. During recent years, when TFN presented its online events, The Big Broadcasts of 2020 and 2021, Genny returned to Cybertron to play as part of the FaceTime with …

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Roll to the Rescue!

14:00 (BST)
Saturday 13th August 2022

Roll to the rescue! Animation writers Nicole Dubuc and Brian Hohlfeld join us to discuss the creation of Transformers Rescue Bots!

TFNation 2022's full schedule will be revealed soon and we have some interesting panels planned for you! Be sure to …

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A Generation and a Half

Fast forward a couple of years and we're finally able to welcome Andy Couzens to his first TFNation!

Who is Couzens, you ask? He is a former Hasbro designer, development and product manager, who started back with Kiddy Craft, then Milton Bradley - where he worked on Playskool and …

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