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Our next big announcement from the world of voice acting concerns the show we were inspired for the aesthetic of our 2020 theme... and we are so very happy to present, joining us for TFNation 2020, legendary voice and live actress Sumalee Montano!

Montano attends our event for her very …

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It's Prime Time

You've been asking us for years, and we're finally able to reply with a resounding 'Yes!'.

We're thrilled to announce that in 2020, TFNation will be joined by the actor behind legendary Autobot leader, Optimus Prime; the one and only Mr Peter Cullen!

Mr Cullen’s first ever appearance at a …

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Monster Boys and Robots

Here at TFNation headquarters we strive to bring you the best experience and guests, and we're sure we'll be doing just that with this announcement: join us in welcoming to the UK for her first Transformers fan convention fandom-acclaimed and beloved artist Sarah Stone!

Stone has provided several gorgeous covers …

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Your Convention Needs You - Two

TFNation 2019 stands as Europe’s largest Transformers fan gathering. It also stands as having our largest number of TFNation Crew so far. Over thirty people volunteered their time, enthusiasm and support to our Staff in order to make TFNation 2019 the wonderful success it was. We are extremely grateful for …

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TFNation 2020 Ticket Information

Calling all TFNationals,

With the TFN crew now finalising plans for our fifth annual convention, we ask you to please put down your energon goodies and spare a moment to read this important TFNation 2020 ticket information. Whether a new or returning attendee, this information will prove essential to ensuring …

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