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A Generation and a Half

We know that a lot of TFNation revolves around toys, too, so we hope you'll join us in welcoming to our 2020 edition someone from the design side of that story: former Hasbro designer, development and product manager, Andy Couzens!

Couzens has been involved in toy design and production …

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The Archivist Returns

Allow us to take a detour from comics for our next announcement, as TFNation 2020 is proud to present: Transformers writer, archivist, historian, and super-fan Jim Sorenson!

Sorenson's main attraction and focus this year will be his latest book: Transformers: A Visual History, with VIZ Media. This new art book - …

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Countdown to Ticket Release

The countdown to TFNation 2020 begins now! Here's what you need to know...

Ticket Release Day

Tickets to TFNation 2020 will go on sale at 12:00 Noon, GMT on Saturday 15th February 2020.

All ticket types (including the "Leader Package") will go on sale at the same time. Tickets will …

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The Rubble Rouser

We have yet another comics guest joining this summer's TFNation 2020, one of the major planners behind the current IDW Transformers comics-verse: writer, novelist, and podcaster Brian Ruckley!

Ruckley is the current main wordsmith in the rebooted IDW Publishing Transformers narrative universe - starting last March - dealing with the …

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You Like Metal, Yes?

Our next guest announcement for summer 2020's edition of TFNation is another returning presence from the world of comics: please welcome back superstar artist on Transformers, Optimus Prime, Death's Head and more - Kei Zama!

Zama has been part of the IDW family of artists for the past five years, …

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