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The Last Architect

One final guest for the road! As TFNation 2022 looms near, we have some more news for you in the shape of another comics guest: writer and main mastermind behind the second IDW Transformers comics universe, Brian Ruckley!

Ruckley starting his writing career in British scifi and fantasy magazines …

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Performing Monkey

Saturday 13th August 2022

After the excitement of our Saturday night ClubCon event, we wind down the evening with a live performance from guest of honour, Beast Wars Optimus Primal actor and blues musician, Garry Chalk!

Performing Monkey is a short, acoustic performance which is included within …

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More Than Meets The Eye

It was ten years ago that "Liars, A to D Part 1: How to Say Goodbye and Mean It" graced our comic-store shelves, and what better way to celebrate than to welcome back our mutual friend, James Roberts!

A decade on from issue one, More Than Meets The Eye and …

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Reap The Whirlwind

(Saturday Guest Only)

Simon Furman has been a longstanding contributor to the Transformers franchise since his first Marvel UK, and later Marvel US stories from the 1980s; a continuity he would finalise decades later with IDW's Transformers: ReGeneration One.

Away from the main G1 continuity, Furman played a key …

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