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Cosplay applications are now open

With less than five months to go until TFNation 2019 we are pleased to open applications for our Cosplay Competition.

The competition takes place during Saturday night's ClubCon event, and is split into two categories: Mech and Human.

Mech Cosplay: Includes full and partial rig costumes, which replicate the ...

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Suit Up, for The Gundam Wing at TFNation

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of one of earth's most popular robot/mech franchises, we are thrilled to introduce you to... The Gundam Wing at TFNation!

Since our first convention, we have always celebrated robot franchises which have lived alongside our Cybertronian friends. 2016 was the year of ...

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Animated Machines

TFN headquarters is happy to announce a first time UK visitor from the franchise's media history: Beast Machines and Animated story editor Marty Isenberg will be attending TFNation 2019!

Older fans will know Isenberg's name from the credits on Transformers: Beast Machines - the sequel to the highly popular ...

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Heavy Metal Robots

Back again to the shores of the United Kingdom is a fan favourite comics artist from Japan: Transformers artist Kei Zama will be attending TFNation!

Zama has been behind regular Transformers comics covers and fan art well before her role as interior artist (with writer/editor John Barber) on Optimus ...

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The Pencil Jack-ey

The assault on your newsfeed continues!   is proud to present another comics-sourced guest for our 2019 convention: Transformers: Lost Light artist Jack Lawrence!

A staple in the Transformers fandom – since the early days of the UK fan community - Lawrence has been the main artist on the now ended, but ...

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