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He, Furman

Another announcement coming your way, directly from TFN:HQ. We are honoured to welcome to TFNation 2019 a seminal Transformers comics wordsmith: Simon Furman!

Furman has been at the helm of Transformers stories since the 1980s and the first Marvel UK comics, before moving to the main series for Marvel US. …

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Scraplets are red, spark flowers are blue

Comics are for everybody! So here's our gift to you!

The first comics world guest to grace our line-up for the 2019 edition of TFNation: fan-acclaimed and award-winning Transformers writer James Roberts!

A product of the early UK fandom community, Roberts has risen through the ranks of fanon to canon, …

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Sales day... so, what happened?

Saturday 9th February was the day we opened sales for TFN 2019... and boy, did they open. We know a lot of people received some service interruptions on the day, so we want to briefly explain what happened, and how we will learn from it.

Short Version:
Your massive support …

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Attendee Booking Process Guides

With tickets for TFNation 2019 going on sale in two days, we thought now would be an ideal time to take you through the booking process. There are two processes, one for first-time attendees and a streamlined one for returning attendees.

We have uploaded some video guides to our YouTube …

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Live Improv' night at TFN

Oh, that shark-con,
Talks in sweet verse,
The finest words, on... Cybertron.
But Peter Spellos,
He don't play alone, bots...
He's got his own show - starring the Improvacons!

And now, for something completely different! TFNation is excited to introduce a special segment for our 2019 Saturday night show, starring...  …

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