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The Rubble Rouser

We have yet another comics guest joining this summer's TFNation 2020, one of the major planners behind the current IDW Transformers comics-verse: writer, novelist, and podcaster Brian Ruckley!

Ruckley is the current main wordsmith in the rebooted IDW Publishing Transformers narrative universe - starting last March - dealing with the …

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You Like Metal, Yes?

Our next guest announcement for summer 2020's edition of TFNation is another returning presence from the world of comics: please welcome back superstar artist on Transformers, Optimus Prime, Death's Head and more - Kei Zama!

Zama has been part of the IDW family of artists for the past five years, …

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A present, from TFNation to you

We here at TFNation would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Now as this is the time of year for giving, we were wondering what we could give to each of you. No, not a guest reveal or announcement but an actual present. Now delivering a present …

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Give the Man a Biscuit

Allow us to indulge in the world of comics a little longer, as we introduce the next returning guest to TFNation 2020: fan-favourite writer and artist, and hot international comics property, Nick Roche!

In the world of The Transformers, Roche is best known to fans for bringing to life …

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All the Pretty Colours

We return to the land of Transformers comics (and beyond) for the next TFNation 2020 guest announcement - please join us in welcoming back writer, artist, and colourist John-Paul Bove!

Bove has been related to our favourite transforming robots since the Transformers: Mosaic project, moving to professional IDW titles such …

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