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Dungeons and Jack

Another fan-favourite and returning guest is joining us for TFNation 2022, adding to our roster of talented artists - please welcome back, Jack Lawrence!

Polyhedral artist Lawrence has long been a staple of the UK Transformers fandom, and worked his way into the IDW Transformers comics world with Sins of …

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Special Edition Front Cover News

The art world is filled with Transformers people, and the next guest announcement features one of the most distinctive: Matt Ferguson is joining us at TFNation 2022!

Ferguson is a UK artist whose work includes design and art for franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and various …

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(Don't) Erase and Rewind

Returning to TFNation for the August 2022 edition is the one and only, truly independent Transformers scholar and research archivist Jim Sorenson!

Sorenson is a staple in both fandom and the creative aspect of the Transformers franchise, and you can find his work behind the scenes of many different robotic …

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Elita Tier Guest

From across the ocean, we have a superstar voice actress ready to deploy at TFNation 2022, coming this August - please join us in welcoming Linsay Rousseau!

Rousseau's voice has been in many nerdy properties you know and love, including World of Warcraft, Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls …

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