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Operation: Headquarters upgraded, guest incoming

Transmission ID: 00002
Operation: Headquarters upgraded, guest incoming.


TFNation 2017 will be centralised within the Monarch Suite – the largest facility operated by the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel.


Additional facilities located around the Monarch Suite are now secured.  Transformation will begin immediately.   …

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Operation: Launch Dates

Transmission ID: 00001
Operation: Launch Dates

Calling all Cybertronians.

TFNation will return from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th August 2017.

Base of operations: The Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, UK.

Operatives of significant interest have been detected. Identification code decryption is in progress.

Launch tickets, bedrooms, pricing, guests and …

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A schooling of sharks

A couple of updates for you all, starting with… well… us.

We will begin releasing details of our 2017 event in the next few weeks. In the meantime the TFNation team would like to thank you all for your continued support, patience and goodwill.

But this weekend, let’s talk sharks! …

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Operation: Reports From The Front Line

Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000059
Operation: Reports From The Front Line.

High Command (tea-drinking division) wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all those who assembled to fight the Decepticon threat in Birmingham last month. With so many operatives still reporting in, we thought it was wise to pass …

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TFN Declassified: Entry 17 – TFNation podcast interviews

During the course of the convention weekend, several podcasts recorded interviews with some of our special guests. Away from the event halls and panels, this gave our guests chance to talk about a wider range of topics and answer questions possibly missing from the official events of the weekend.

With …

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