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TFN Declassified - Entry 3: More About The Forge

The TFNation crew recently teased a new convention area known as THE FORGE and the positive feedback from our supporters has been extremely gratifying. Today, we are revealing more about the concept, answering some of your questions and covering some other aspects of the convention that The Forge will affect. …

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Operation: More Than Meets The Eye - Guest Announcement

Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000023
Operation: More Than Meets The Eye

Our latest guest announcement has been winding throughout the web since we shared it with fellow fans in Manchester, last week. We are overjoyed to officially announce that James Roberts, scribe-master-in-chief of the IDW comic series MORE THAN …

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Upcoming Transformers Community Social Meets

With TFNation drawing ever-closer, many of our attendees are expressing their excitement at reconnecting with friends. This is understandable in a fandom which has such a strong community.

Those new to the convention scene are equally excited, though many have asked us whether there will be any opportunities to meet …

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