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In terms of exclusives for TFNation, we are blessed with some great collaborators, with final products that have certainly caught a lot of peoples attention.... but these are far from the only opportunity for attendees to grab something unique and different at the convention, and so it is our great pleasure to announce THE FORGE listings for TFNation 2017!

For those unaware, THE FORGE is our home for arts and crafts created by the many passionate and talented members of the Transformers community. Housed in a brighter, more accessible room you won't miss, the items on sale here will cover all styles, materials, ideas and influences.... so lets see who we have:

Nate 'Natephoenix' Hammond

Following the end of his 8-year run on zombie-themed webcomic, Jazz and Jess, Nate turned his attention to another of his loves, Transformers. Since then, he became a member of the 'Lost Seeds Studios', who have produced comic art and box design for several 3rd Party companies, such as Warbotron, Keith's Fantasy Club, X-Transbots and more!
You'll probably find Nate either singing, dancing or hugging someone.


Mixed media all-arounder freelance artist and 'Robot Couture' fashion designer from Germany, inventor of the 'Enerjohnnies' clothing- and accessories-line, bringer of nerdy loot, but also really looking forward to just chatting with you guys so come and visit me in the forge.

Larrydraws and Herzspalter

A Russian and a Swiss artist brought together by The Power Of Love... for Transformers! Herzspalter has recently contributed to the epic fan comic book project featured at TFNation - Re-Animated and Larry has been busy creating TFNation exclusive artwork. With their forces combined they bring posters, stickers, badges, keychains, as well as some original pieces and sketchbooks! Wares include pieces inspired by many beloved continuities, from G1 and Beast Wars to TFA and current IDW comics.


Coralus, also known as Umi, is a young aspiring artist at age of 19. Freelancing as comic and illustrator artist―mainly draws robots/mecha and japanese animation style. She had contributed illustrations and mecha designing for Space Colony Studios in UK, enlisted to work for MARVEL comics, soon to be a creator for Flashstrike, a Transformers original comic, a collaboration with her writer, Peri, and working as comic artist for MMC company. She also dreams to work in IDW soon for Transformers comics with great support from her fans and her friends from IDW

Lyrica Belachium

Lyrica is a Freelance artist, mostly known for her cartoon work and background in Animation. Her work features mostly that of Transformers Animated, including comics, animations, and illustrations.

A freelance artist working in the games and comics market. We66 drew a strip for the Transformers Armada retrospective magazine being released at TFNation and I'm co creator of a new project called BRITFORMERS.

Paul Goodenough

Paul is a multi award winning and Emmy nominated writer and producer for TV, Films, Comics and Books, working on brands including How To Train Your Dragon, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Beano, Warhammer 40K and GI Joe. He's also written fan comics for Transformers and Future Shocks, and is the co-creator of The Chimeran with Gary Kurtz (Star Wars, Dark Crystal), Richard Bazley (Iron Giant, Harry Potter) and Simon Furman (Transformers, Terminator) and also he's the creator of upcoming comic series, The Featherhood.

Mean Green Flamingos in Trees
Jon, Temple and Lauren are excited to be selling a range of unique products from art prints and tote bags to charms and embroidery patches! We’re long-time Transformers fans, come visit our stall to chill and chat! 

Vanessa Sutherland

A fan artist and convention-goer from Scotland, who dabbles in anything that plays to my interest, for example Transformers, Cardfight Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh and various other works of fiction. Previous work has been for Varg Veum (2014), as well as previous convention work for Auto Assembly. Vanessa will be selling prints, key-rings, and mugs!

Sam Palmer
Sam is a UK-based comic colourist, artist and animator. A member of the online Transformer fandom for many many years, he discovered a talent for comic colouring while studying his degree in 2D digital animation, and has since contributed to many Transformers fan endeavours, including Transformers: Mosaic and Transformers: The Lost Seasons and has worked professionally on Titan's Transformers: Prime comic, Fub Pub's Transformers Collectors Club comics and on various projects for Botcon and Joecon. Outside of Transformers he's worked on properties such as GI Joe, Power Rangers and Geek Girl as well as the critically acclaimed graphic novel Video Nasty. He'll be doing sketches and selling prints all weekend. 
Please check out some examples of his work at: and

Cara Burns aka Themanlylobster

"I'm a motion graphics animator but I take the opportunity to practice drawing transformers when i can! Though i'll mainly have IDW /MTMTE/LL art to sell i still love all Transformers, still making my way through 30yrs of content backwards! I'll have art prints charms, pins, keyrings, magnets and stickers to sell and have a perfectly healthy obsession of drawing Rodimus as a hotdog."

Lenton Experiment:

"Doodler of many things geeky, former Old Oil House Original & their on call art monkey. Lucky to be allowed back at TFNation Forge for the second year. Come buy my stuff so I can afford my room! ;-P"


Crono of Lullishop, shall be selling her crafts at TFNation 2017 including badges and magnets of characters from the IDW Transformers series, Beast Wars, Transformers Animated, Prime, Rescue Bots and the 2015 RiD animated series.
You can check out her work at her Storenvy (, Tumblr account ( and can find her on Twitter @cronosiem.

Emma Wyatt
Emma make designs from hama beads, including nintendo characters, superheros, pokemon and of course everyone's favourite transformers. The smaller designs can be made into keyrings, some are suitable as fridge magnets and the larger can be used as coasters or simple to decorate a room.

Kaysielcrafts makes TF plushies, patches, pencil cases/small bags and other sewn stuff

Hinomars will be taking inked head shot commissions, and selling Transformers art prints. Below are some links to art examples.

Colyn Bunn
Colyn describes himself as a serious transformer fan all my life. Over the last 2 years I have increased my collection of toys, that's how it started lol but since then I have designed and built a bumblebee cosplay out of card (took me 6 months).
Then came 3d printing...........
I have designed my own transformer helmets in C.A.D and printed them. My current printed project is a 3.5 feet tall Optimus Prime bust so you might say I'm a bigfan. More recently i have also spent time drawing bobble head Transformers 40 in total all G1 which have all been hand drawn and digitally coloured.These will be on sale at the event along with some of my other creations. I'm looking forward to meeting more likeminded fans and creators ,sharing all my creationsand artwork. please feel free to come over and chat i love to share my passion for Transformers so on that note, see you all in the forge.

TMUK Presents
A group of exhibitors who have been said to be 'great in small doses'. Come to the TMUK tables throughout the event to meet a variety of creators with a huge mix of talent to share and a modest amount of prints to sell. 

Gavin Spence 

Gavin is a nice enough big guy and full-time illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland. You can find his comic work in Transformers Animated: Trial and Error - an original full length graphic novel exclusively available at TFN 2017. 

Ed Pirrie
TFN contributor, fan-comic collaborator, knocks about with colours on various titles.

Andy Turnbull
When he's not toiling in the TFNation saltmines he can be found producing various Transformers parody comics from the long-running The Daily Straxus - with a strong G1 flavour, to more recent MTMTE themed japery in The Last Light. As well as non-TF collaborations as part of A.R.K. Comics. Andy will have various prints and zines at the table. 

Check his work out at and on twitter @andrewdturnbull (check him out using his sunday name)

Ben Pirrie
Ben spends most of his time drawing robots, and listening to music at unhealthy volumes. He has contributed to TFN projects past and present, and intends to not stop there. Ben continues to bring his own distinct flavour to Transformers fandom.

Further transmissions to follow.


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