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Operation: Pre-Orders Now Open

We are pleased to confirm that pre-orders for TFNation 2018 exclusive merchandise are now open!

Our crew will only be stocking limited quantities of these products for general sale at the convention - so we encourage you to pre-order today to ensure you don't miss out!

1) TFNation 2018 Convention Exclusive T-Shirt - £15

You're going to TFNation and we are sure you'll have a great time this year and will take back many wonderful memories with you, and with the 2018 Tour t-shirt, you can also take back something a little more tangible.

This stylish black tee comes with the 2018 logo variant on the front, and a concert billing style rundown of guests and events on the rear. 

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2) Stan Bush T-Shirt- £20

Dare to believe you can look fabulous! Saturday night's all right for experiencing Stan Bush live at TFNation and what would a concert be without a souvenir t-shirt? Featuring artwork by Ed Pirrie, available on a black, yellow or grey tee. 

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3) Stan Bush Posters - From £10

You're a winner. So let the rest of the world know that when things get too tough, you got the touch. A touch of style that is featuring art by Ed Pirrie these posters are available in glossy A3 (£10), A2 (£15) or A1 (£25) sizes.

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4) TFNation 2018 Charity Fan Publication, "The Decepticons' Time-Terror" - £6

Don’t worry, those pesky ‘Cons haven't pulled a last-minute switch of the dates for TFNation 2018 -- it’s the title of this year’s TFNation exclusive!

Attentive readers will have noted we said ‘exclusive’ and not ‘exclusive comic’. Well, we think each TFNation should always be a little special in its own way, so we don’t want to fall into a routine. But don’t worry! You’ll still have some quality reading on your hands as we pay tribute to the fine purveyors of Transformers fiction that were the Ladybird Books, as written by John Grant.

The Ladybird books loosely followed the toy-range in the UK for ten books (plus an adaptation of Transformers The Movie) and sadly stopped covering the early adventures up to Powermaster Optimus Prime. We never got to see what they would have made of Pretenders, Action Masters, or even Generation Two... until now!

Yes indeed. This year you will get a chance to experience what could have been if we’d had a Ladybird book published during the height of Generation Two.

And who is bringing you this titanic tale of temporal trickery? The writing duties have been entrusted to Matt Marshall and Ralph Burns. Though of course, it couldn’t be a Ladybird style book without some lovely art to go with it. Old friends from last year’s comic Trial and Error – Herzspalter, Chris McFeely, Ed Pirrie, Gavin Spence, and Andy Turnbull – are back, and they've brought friends: Garry Bodsworth, Kris Carter, Coralus, Matt Dallas, Andrew Kiernan, Sora L Pereira, Chris Phillips, Ben Pirrie, Liam Shalloo, Shibara, Kris Smith, Vanessa Sutherland, Aelx (Eph) Tarca) Joe Teanby, and Adam (Zerokaiser) Worden, have all provided gorgeous illustrations.

As for the cover, the art is by TFNation 2018 guest Mike Collins (ably assisted by Kris Carter on colours). As some of you might remember, Mike provided the art for the first four Ladybird Transformers books back in the day.

How can you make sure you get a copy, you ask, and how much will you need to pay?

Preorders are open now and just £6 will ensure you get a copy. We will have a limited number of copies available to buy over the convention weekend, but the only way to guarantee you get your copy is to preorder.

Now as with last year's Trial and Error book the proceeds from sales of the book will be going to Mary's Meals, a charity the TFNation community has long supported, so you'll be getting a fun read and doing your bit for a worthy cause.

We’re keeping the cover under wraps for now, but to whet your appetite... PREVIEW ART BY ED PIRRIE and KRIS CARTER

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5) TFNation 2018 Bear - £15

Light your darkest hour with the TFNation 2018 "G2" Bear only available at TFNation 2018. *Image is a digital mock-up, final product may vary.

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T-Shirt Sizes

All T-Shirts are available in both men's and ladies' styles in the following sizes:

Small - 34/36"*
Medium 38/40"*
Large 42/44"*
XL 46/48"*
2XL 50/52"*
3XL* 54/56"*

Small - 8/10*
Medium - 10/12*
Large - 12/14*
XL - 14/16*
2XL - 18/20*

* All sizes mentioned are approximate. Our supplier uses modern cuts which are quite fitted - so if you prefer your t-shirts baggy, we would advise choosing a slightly larger size. If in doubt, please contact us before placing your order.

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