Transmission ID: 00028
Operation: We want to show you something naughty

Do you like zombies? Are you over 18? Good. Because we want to show you something naughty...

By popular demand, on Friday 17th August 2018, TFNation will hold its first ever adult only segment: The Notorious [Zombie Related] Erotic Fanfic Show. Performed live by voice actor and TFNation guest D.C. Douglas and... you.

This segment will take place in the Pavilion Room, on the Friday of the event at 9pm. There will be no late seating (and perhaps, no escape!) so you must arrive on time. What happens in the show, stays in the show.

It's worth reminding people interested in the show that Friday is a non-trading day and its panels are for full weekend ticket holders only. Proof of age will be required on the door.

Please note: This panel utilises very strong adult humour and is rated 18+. It is not suitable for minors. If you find adult humour not to your taste, or are concerned about the contents of the show, please think carefully before choosing to attend. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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