Transmission ID: 00027
Operation: Stan Bush Tickets - Limited Quantity Remaining

Tickets to TFNation 2018's special event - the Stan Bush live concert - were put on sale back in February, and we've been keeping count of purchases and registration since, of course. As of today, we are reaching the limit of the venue's capacity for the concert, meaning that if you have yet to book your ticket, or know people attending the convention who are still on the fence about the gig, now is the time to make that decision, and snap up the last few left! 

The concert will take place on the Saturday evening of the convention, after the conclusion of our "Clubcon" evening entertainment for weekend pass holders. Like all events taking place at TFNation, attendance is strictly subject to availability and room capacity. Tickets are available from our website, in addition to regular TFNation packages. For Saturday only attendees, concert tickets are £20.00. For full weekend pass holders, concert tickets are £15.00. There are still no current plans to open up the sales to non-attendees, given room capacity, sales, and venue requirements, but we may still reassess this at a later date if any significant changes occur. 

Please note that once tickets are sold out, there will be no extra, secret, or additional places released. 

We remain available for questions and clarification on all our usual channels, and thank you for your understanding.

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Further transmissions to follow.


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