Dear TFNationals,

The time is almost here! After such a long wait we can start to plan rolling out as one in August 2022 - and that journey starts with your convention tickets!

Whether you're buying a new ticket, or looking to upgrade a 2020 rollover pass, we have you covered; please take a minute to read these instructions and watch the videos below.


Firstly, a quick note on passwords. If you have previously bought a ticket for a TFNation event, we strongly recommend you try to log into your account at before ticket sales go live. Just to avoid any last minute worries. Don't worry, there's a button to help you if you've forgotten your password.

Rollover Tickets

Next, we'll talk about attendees who hold a rolled over TFN2020 ticket. Those tickets will need to be Transformed into the equivalent TFN2022 tickets before you can add any of our new upgrades. Here's how it's going to work;

1. At 2pm (GMT) on Saturday 13th November 2021, the automatic Transformation will begin! (Imagining the Transformation sound effect is not essential, but certainly recommended).

2. Shortly after 2pm, you will receive an automated email from TFN:HQ. If you want to purchase one of our new add-on tickets, please follow the link in your email to do this. The following video will explain how you need to add the new tickets to your order.


As a thank you from us for supporting TFNation, you will have 24 hours advance access to the new add-on tickets.

New Tickets

Finally, let's talk about what to do if you don't hold a Rollover ticket, and need to buy a fresh new ticket to TFN2022;

1. At 2pm (GMT) on Sunday 14th November 2021, new tickets for TFNation 2022 will go on sale at - click the below video to see how to reach the "buy tickets" page;


2. Now that you're in the right place, watch this video to see how to buy a new ticket;


Account Page

You can visit your account page at any time to download your tickets. Please see how, below;


Payment Methods

Please note, we have taken the decision not to accept payments by PayPal at this time. As an events company, PayPal witholds monies paid by attendees for a certain amount of time, just in case a refund is needed. Typically this is around a 21 day period, however, over the last year we have noted that funds have been withheld for numerous months, resulting in us having to lodge formal complaints. This practice has placed the event under considerable strain and it is simply not a viable solution for us at this time.

We will continue to accept payments via the secure payment gateway Stripe, as we have done for several years. Stripe has always served us well and allows attendees to make secure purchases with a variety of card types.

As ever, please remember that TFNation will never ask for your payment details, nor do we receive or store them. We take your security seriously, which is why we employ high levels of encryption and only work with trustworthy payment gateways. We value the confidence you feel when purchasing a ticket to TFNation.

Hotel Rooms

Please remember that our discounted rate Hilton hotel rooms will not be made available for sale until next year - we'll let you know when this happens.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message - as ever, please reach out to us if you encounter any issues and we will be happy to help!

Till all are one

- TFN Crew