Greetings, TFNationals!

As the Big Broadcast of 2021 creeps ever closer, we wanted to provide you with something to make your virtual event experience that little bit more enjoyable!

Please click this link to download your Digital Attendee Pack! The pack contains everything you’ll need including a schedule, wristband and name badge!

But... why do you need a name badge, we hear you ask?

We know the best part of TFNation is the social interaction between our amazing community and we want to bring that to the Big Broadcast. So, we're encouraging attendees to book virtual meetings with friends old and new! Come watch the Big Broadcast together, in your own virtual meeting rooms!

We will also be running some TFN zoom meeting rooms across the weekend - invitations will be emailed to everybody on our mailing list. You can also find the details in your "my orders" screen on - Other fans are welcome, but you'll need to message us first for the details, please.

We can’t wait to see you tonight and tomorrow on our YouTube page for The Big Broadcast of 2021!