We return to the realm of illustrated stories for our next TFNation 2023 guest: another return, another legend, another homegrown talent from the UK side of the Transformers franchise – please join us in welcoming back Andrew Wildman!

Wildman started on covers, then interiors on the Marvel UK Transformers comics run, and has been involved in Transformers stories since, through Dreamwave and IDW, all the way to the final issue of ReGeneration One.

He currently works predominantly on storyboarding for TV and film, for the likes of Doctor Who, Luther (including recent film The Fallen Sun), while keeping at personal creator-owned comics projects, Horizon and Oxygen. Most recently, his art – along with that of John Paul Bove and Steven Baskerville – has graced the 2022 Royal Mail Transformers stamp series.

Andrew Wildman will be joining us for TFNation 2023, with incredible art, storytelling beats, and more 80s drawings you can shake an Energon stick at. Stay tuned for more details on the TFNation website -- where All Are One!

(Please note: Andrew Wildman, like all guests, appears at TFNation strictly subject to professional commitments, and all advertised guest lists are subject to change without notice. All panel rooms are subject to capacity limits. Terms and Conditions of sale apply on this small world and all others, Cybertron being no exception)