TFNation 2023 Legend Pass Photographs

Greetings, TFNationals.

We're pleased to confirm we're now in a position to start sending out the photographs taken during our Legend Pass private signing experience with Susan Blu!  The photographs were taken by professional photographer Dean Stead and his assistant Helen Cawthorne, with backing from TFN's Nick Hardy.

As a special thank you for supporting our first Legend Pass experience, we're also going to be sending you a few additional files, just for you!

Here's how delivery will work;

1. Over the next few days, we will email every Legend Pass holder with a link to a secure folder.  We're doing this in batches to lessen the chance of our email hitting your spam folder - but this is always a possibility, so please do keep an optic on your emails.

2. The email will contain some instructions about the file types, just in case you had any questions. 

3. The email will also contain a link.  When you click it, you'll be sent a code to confirm your identity. Use the code, and you'll find your files, ready to be downloaded!

We estimate this whole process will take a few days owing to the batches and file sizes.  If you've not received your email in the next seven days, please feel free to contact us and we'll double check this for you.

Thanks for your support!

Team TFN