TFN: Mini-Con Manchester 2024 Schedule

The schedule uses the below colour codes to indicate the room in which the panel/activity is taking place.
Main Hall (John Logie Baird Suite)
Reception (Marriott Reception)


8:30 a.m. - Registration & Merch Collection Begins

Registration & Merch Collection opens in the hotel reception (Ground Floor).

Registration will be open for most of the day, so pop by at your convenience to collect your entry pass and and pre-ordered merch (and keep a look out for any additional items we may have on offer). 

10 a.m. - Main Hall Opens

TFN:Mini-Con® Manchester 2024 officially gets underway, as our main hall opens to attendees. Whether it's our Guests, Traders, or the Forge that you're most keen to see, you'll find it all here!

As with our other conventions, we expect the first hour to be a busy period. If you'd prefer a more laid-back start to the day, feel free to socialise in the hotel bar until you're ready to enter the convention - there'll be plenty of TFNationals on hand to keep you company!

11 a.m. - Special Showcase

Join us in our first panel of the day, for a special new product showcase which is more... much more than meets the eye!

noon - Optical Enhancement: With Jack Lawrence

Transformers: Lost Light comic book artist Jack Lawrence wrecks our optics with a demonstration of his talents!

1 p.m. - Faster, Stronger, More Alive!

Longtime Toy-Fu collaborator and Master of Action, Matt Marshall, harnesses the power of Nucleon, in a presentation which is Faster, Stronger, More Alive!  In this introduction to toy customisation, we learn about some of Matt's unique creations for charity seller, Toy-Fu.

2 p.m. - Break

Our panels break for lunch. Why not see what the hotel bar has to offer? (Trader, Forge and Guest areas remain open)

3 p.m. - Optical Enhancement: With Kris Carter

IDW colourist and TFN contributer Kris Carter gives us a deep-dive into how one of his most memorable pieces came together.

4 p.m. - Trader Area Closes

Trader Area Closes

4 p.m. - Robosen Robotics

General Manager Rocky Luo and the team at Robosen Robotics will be joining us to show off some of their incredible creations!

4 p.m. - Registration & Merch Collection Ends

Registration & Merch Collection ends.

5 p.m. - Competition Time

Stay tuned for details of an exciting competition for attendees - winners to be announced at 5pm during TFN:Mini-Con® Manchester!

5:30 p.m. - Closing Ceremony and Announcement

See our guests for a final time, and maybe, just maybe we'll have something fun to tell you before we depart.

6 p.m. - Main Hall Closes

It's goodbye for now, as TFN:Mini-Con® Manchester 2024 comes to a close. Don't worry, plenty of people are staying overnight if you'd like to socialise in the hotel bar - we'll see you there!

* - Times and panels are subject to change
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