Welcome to TFNation's first Robot Roundup

With thanks to our friends at HASBRO UK, we're thrilled to share the official promo poster for Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - Earthrise!

Set after the Events of Siege, we pick up with the Autobots in, it's fair to say, not the strongest of positions. With Decepticon forces strong and Cybertron all but abandoned, our heroes truly are facing their darkest hour.

Earthrise is coming to Netflix on 30th December 2021, so be sure to have your subscriptions ready or, shall we say, primed! Until then, again thanks to our Cybertronic agents at HASBRO UK, TFNation's own David Wallace has recorded his reaction to the new trailer which, if you've not seen it yet, is definitely worth a look! Check out the video here.

Stay tuned to TFNation's Robot Roundup over the coming weeks and months as we bring you more robot news and maybe... just maybe... some further updates from our friends at HASBRO Towers!