We have a special treat ready for all of you joining us for TFNation's The Big Broadcast of 2021 - a new robotastic adventure from Crosshairs Productions! Read more below, watch the trailer and join us in the stop-motion Ascensionverse this summer.

The Allspark is gone, leaving behind a dead Cybertron burned by acid rain and eons of war. Rodion has fallen to the Decepticons, and now Optimus Prime himself leads a last-ditch mission to rescue his mentor and friend Alpha Trion from the clutches of the vengeful tyrant Megatron. As Decepticon forces close in all around them, a shocking secret risks being revealed, and a legacy threatens to be unravelled!

Crosshairs Productions is thrilled to be premiering their latest stop motion Transformers adventure at TFN's The Big Broadcast of 2021! Alongside an incredibly talented voice cast, Transformers - Target: Alpha Trion features special guest stars GARRY CHALK (Beast Wars: Transformers) as Hound and PETER SPELLOS (Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2001, Darling of TFNation) as Alpha Trion!

You can view the trailer for this stop motion adventure now and stay tuned for more details on the TFNation website -- Where All Are One!