Greetings TFNationals,

With TFN:Mini-Con® Manchester 2024 on the horizon, we're writing today to give you some information about a special TFN-discount rate which is available. This is a different system to that used by some of the other hotel's we've visted, so please read carefully for all the details.

Does TFNation have a block of rooms, like it does at the larger covention?

No. Whilst the August convention has a block of rooms which are reserved for us, that is not the case for our smaller events. If you wish to stay at the Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel you will need to buy a public bedroom.

Is there a discount for TFN:Mini-Con® Attendees?

Yes there is! But, whether you get it or not will depend on how you book.

How much is the discount?

The discount is variable, so we're not able to give you a set price. Please allow us a moment to explain the different ways you can book and how that will impact the discount;

1. Public Rooms

This is the link for the hotel's public bedroom sales.

After you search for a bedroom, you'll see these three boxes for Standard Rates, Prepay and Save, and Deals and Packages.

You can click through all of these to see the types of offers available.  The important things to remember are not all rooms have free cancellation and not all rooms have breakfast - this is reflected in the prices, so read carefully.

Like any other hotel, public rooms prices can change daily, so keep an eye on them to get an idea of the approximate rates.

2. Discount Rate Rooms

On Saturday 20th January at 12:00pm we will email all ticket holders with a discount link.  If you click this link you will get to a page which is very similar to the one pictured above, but you will now see some of the options are slightly reduced in price compared to the main website.

The discount rate is not for a set amount. The rate is controlled by Marriott and changes based on other offers available. So we cannot tell you how much the rooms will cost, as the price may change during the day based on availability.

3. Sales and Offers 

Because this is a discount on public rooms, rather than a convention block, you might be able to shop around for a better deal from Marriott, or on hotel comparison websites. So it's worth you having a look around now, to get an idea for roughly how much your hotel budget will need to be.