A franchise as long-spanning and multi-faceted as the Transformers has a lot of dangling threads, niche focuses, and obscure tidbits. Which means that our next guest for TFNation 2024 is perfectly poised to celebrate the 40 years of the franchise, as its unofficial collector and archivist: please welcome back writer and super-fan Jim Sorenson!

‌Sorenson has overseen a number of various projects collecting information, interviews, tidbits and notes about a number of Transformers visual ventures. Starting with The Ark, which collects character models from the original 80s cartoon, via the Animated and Prime cartoon series in the AllSpark Almanac and The Art of Prime, all the way to toy box art in Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging (all co-authored with Bill Forster), and all of the above in Transformers: A Visual History. He was obliquely credited in the recent Royal Mail Transformers stamps, by naming the font used as Cybertronica Sorensa, after his efforts in codifying the typeface.

‌Jim Sorenson will be joining us for TFNation 2024, bringing along a few hat wardrobe changes, and hard to find copies of his books. Stay tuned for more details on the TFNation website -- where All Are One!