Cosplay Application Form

Welcome, Cosplayers!

2024's Cosplay Application process and rules have been updated slightly following last year's convention - so whether you're a first-timer, or a veteran of our stage, please take a moment to read this page before the fun begins!

The Pretenders Cosplay parade takes place during Saturday night's ClubCon event, and is split into two categories: Mech and Human.

Mech Cosplay: Includes full and partial rig costumes, replicating the appearance of robot characters from Transformers.

Human Cosplay: Includes human characters from Transformers, such as Verity Carlo and Spike Witwicky, holomatter designs such as those seen in the IDW comics, and humanised interpretations of Transformers robot characters.

Presently, we do not have a separate group competition. However, if you wish for your entry to be judged as part of a group, rather than individually, please notify us using the additional information field on the form.

Likewise, we do not presently have separate categories based on age; attendees of all ages are welcome to take part.

The Pretenders Cosplay parade will have three segments: pre-judging, then the actual parade, followed by the announcement of placings and prizes by the judging panel.

Pre-judging is presently scheduled to take place at 16:10 (BST) in the Kings Suite (ClubCon), before the room opens to attendees at 18:00 (BST). Please note: these timings are subject to our final schedule of events and therefore may change - don't worry, we will make an announcement if necessary.

The judging panel will be chosen in advance by TFNation staff. The judges will choose the winners based on numerous factors, such as;

  • Accuracy;
  • Creativity;
  • Overall Presentation / Craftsmanship;

These categories are just there to give guidance to entrants and judges alike, and are not fixed socring categories. (So for instance, you won't score negativley on creativity, when trying to make an accurate portrayal of a character)

All entrants must please adhere to the following rules, and are deemed to have provided their agreement to the same, by completing the application form;

1. Entrants must hold a valid Clubcon ticket for TFNation 2024.

2. There is no age restriction, however, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

3. All aspects of your presentation must be suitable for a family-friendly audience.

4. One entry per person.

5. Costumes must be your own work. Small commissions / bought parts are allowed but must be declared to judges, please.

6. No live or sharp weapons, props or laser pointers.

7. No food.

8. No liquids.

9. No projectiles (which includes throwing).

10. No confetti, smoke, or fire.

11. Performances / music will be limited in time up to a maximum of one minute.

Important - we wil not be accepting walk-ins. All entries must be pre-registered.

Please note, Judges' decisions are final. If your costume/presentation breaks these rules, we reserve the right to ask you to make a change, or we may remove your entry from the competition. Obviously we very much hope that won't be necessary, but trust you'll appreciate we have to ensure everybody's safety.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message - we can't wait to see you and your wonderful creations at TFNation 2024!

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