Commonly thought to stand for Transformers 4 Everyone (I guess it could) but was actually the name of an album in the 90's called Test for Echo (t-4-e)

The items I sell are mostly ones released within the last 10 years and typically ino longer in the shops. 

We all have that item we missed when it was in the shops or something that was a 'blink and you miss it' type release.
This is where I have been able to help people complete something that was missing from their collection  

Bought my first Transformer as a kid in 1985 and kept buying up until the early 90's only to rediscover them again in 2000 via Beast Wars and have been back buying ever since. 

I've sold almost 5k items on eBay over the years and done a number of TF shows dating back as far as 2002 and it's the running joke among other dealers that I'm the slowest in the world to set up my table ? 

Most items I sell are brand new with the occasional loose figures. 


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