The Forge Application Form

The Forge will be located inside of the main convention hall but space will be limited, so aspiring Forge artist and crafters must first register their interest by completing this application form.

In the interest of fairness, TFNation staff will allow a minimum of 14 days before reviewing applications for The Forge.

When submitting your application, please use the box at the bottom to explain the type of items you intend to sell. If you have links to images, all the better. All arts and crafts must be family-friendly given that there will be children in attendance.

Successful applicants will receive an email inviting them to make a formal booking. Applicants who are not successful this time will be notified.

Full terms and conditions are available at the bottom of the form. The key information you will need is as follows;

  1. Stalls may be used to sell any handmade crafts (such as key rings, stickers or handmade plushies), art prints and to take/sell art commissions. All crafts and artwork sold must be your own. We support creators, so please do not steal anybody else’s work.
  2. The use of any official logos on unlicensed products is strictly prohibited
  3. Forge stalls may not be used to sell official or 3rd party toys. Upgrade kits and custom figures of your own making are permissible. If you have any questions please contact us prior to your application.
  4. The cost of a Forge stall is £150 and includes one "vendor access" ticket allowing you access to the trader hall prior to the doors opening to set-up your stall.
  5. You are allowed to share the stall with two other people who must be invited to share the stall with you via the TFNation website. Invitations can be sent out after payment has been made for the approved Forge application. Those additional people must already hold a valid ticket to the event.
  6. You must be at least 16 years of age or older.
  7. You will need to staff your stall yourself - TFNation staff cannot help you, nor can anyone who has not been registered to share your stall with you prior to the event. However this does not mean you have to stay at your stall all weekend. If you want a break, just pack up your stock and leave a note saying when you expect to return.
  8. Forge Traders will be allowed access to the hall on Friday for setup, more information will be provided upon approval of your application.
  9. The tables within the Forge area are 5 foot in length.
  10. If you are interested in purchasing and of our merchandise or Legend Packages please give details within the notes section.

The following packages are available for this event:

  • Forge Stall (includes 1 table and 1 weekend ticket) - £150.00
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