For those TFNationals who were not able to attend our live stream last night, we want to take this opportunity to recap on some exciting news we shared via Twitch.

We're pleased to announce that the esteemed Transformers alumni, Paul Eiding and Townsend Coleman will be joining Peter Spellos in lending their talents to TFN's Big Broadcast of 2020!

Paul Eiding
Peter Spellos
Townsend Coleman

Fans will know Paul from his time as the Autobot's chief scientist Perceptor in the G1 cartoon, and Townsend as the egotistical Sentinel Prime from Transformers Animated.

Click through to purchase some of these amazingly talented actors' career highlights on Amazon:


Transformers G1:

Transformers The Movie:

Metal Gear Solid:


Transformers Robots in Disguise:

Men In Black II:


Transformers Animated:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

The Tick:

We hope our first set of guest announcements has given you a flavour of what you can expect!

Stay tuned to TFNation for more announcements coming every Friday as we build towards the Big Broadcast of 2020!