With TFNation drawing ever-closer, many of our attendees are expressing their excitement at reconnecting with friends. This is understandable in a fandom which has such a strong community.

Those new to the convention scene are equally excited, though many have asked us whether there will be any opportunities to meet attendees before the event, to help to break the ice and make friends before our first show gets under way.

To assist our attendees in this regard, TFNation will be announcing various events, conventions and gatherings that both members of our team, and our community, will be attending. These are not events which have been organised by TFNation, but independent meet-ups that we will be attending as fans and friends. This will give you the chance to say hi, ask attending TFN team members about the convention and get to see what such events are all about.

First up, we have the cross-fandom gatherings known simply as the SOCIAL MEETS. Now into their seventh year, these meets are open to people of all fandoms and interests, with everyone welcome. They typically have a base of operations (often a pub), with group visits to local shops/events/restaurants during the day. Run by stalwarts of the community Matt “Timey” Clark and Adam “Grufflock” Nicol, these have been the first step into the community for many folks, including our own Adam White.

Presently there are two meets scheduled

Saturday, April 2 11AM
Wetherspoon (Shakespeare's Head),
64-68 Kingsway,
WC2B 6BG ,

Saturday, May 14 11AM
Wetherspoon (The Mile Castle)
Westgate Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Tyne & Wear

If you have any questions about these meets, please message the linked Facebook pages and the organisers will happily advise. Remember folks, these aren’t linked to TFNation, but are free gatherings, open to all, and are well worth supporting.

If you have a meet, convention or gathering you would like us to inform our community about, let us know at info@tfnation.com

If you are unable to attend any of these events, don’t fret. We will be setting up threads for first-timers to introduce themselves nearer the convention, and we are looking at several ideas to help first-time attendees get into the spirit of things. We look forward to meeting you, if not here then at the show in August.