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Operation: More Than Meets The Eye

Our latest guest announcement has been winding throughout the web since we shared it with fellow fans in Manchester, last week. We are overjoyed to officially announce that James Roberts, scribe-master-in-chief of the IDW comic series MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, will be attending TFNation 2016.

As the creator of unique characters that have sparked so much devotion from fans, with their vocal response to the issues, created fan fiction, cosplay and other creative endeavours, we knew James would enjoy a great reception here, in August.

James’ background explains much of his open and honest dealings with the fans as he joined the fandom in the G1 years, avidly following the stories and characters of fellow guest Simon Furman, creating fanzines with co-operatives such as Transmasters, leading to the epic novel EUGENESIS.

James made his first official foray into IDW with his involvement with Nick Roche on AHM#15 and the now-classic LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS. This was followed by text stories in the LSofW collected editions and involvement in the crossover event CHAOS that lead into James’ own title MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. In the years that have followed, fans have shared the loves, losses and Rod Pods of the Lost Light crew as they attempt quests, ponder life’s mysteries…. And deal with an Autobot called Megatron!

James will be signing autographs, suggesting soundtracks, and selling comics and script packs from Friday 19th until Sunday 21st August 2016 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel at TFNation 2016. 

The team grows ever-larger. We look forward to seeing you there!

Further transmissions to follow.


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