Transmission ID: 00029
Operation: Have Camera, Will Panel

Do you own Transformers toys and action figures? Do you own a smartphone or camera? Then you may want to pencil in 11am, Saturday 18th August, as the stage in our TFNation 2018 Panel Room (Pavillion) will be taken over by two of the top, most respected, Transformers toy photographers on the interwebs: Sixo and Maz (of TFSquareOne / TFSource Articles fame).

These highly talented individuals will talk about some of their tips on what to do and – more importantly – things to avoid if you are looking at taking pictures of your figures, from beginner to advanced levels and skills. They will take you through their personal journey of discovery, showing how you can also move from a quick snap to a more focused, well lit, professional looking picture.

This is not a workshop, to be clear, but Maz and Sixo will be offering tips, showing examples and explaining why it’s not just a case of simply buying a DSLR and a Light Tent, but also patience, dedication, and being thankful we no longer need rolls of film to develop for that perfect shot!

So be sure to zoom over and snap up the opportunity to join them in our Bot Shots panel.

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