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Operation: The TFNation 2017 Guest Line-up

The full guest list for Europe’s biggest Transformers Fan convention has now been revealed, and it’s our best yet! With three weeks to go, it’s time to book your tickets! Here’s a brief rundown of who is waiting to meet you.

The Icon

BOB BUDIANSKY – The father of the Transformers lore, created and named almost all of the classic G1 line and started the celebrated G1 Marvel comic.

The Voice Actors

VENUS TERZO – voiced the infamous Blackarachnia in BEAST WARS and BEAST MACHINES, bringing us one of the strongest character arcs from that era of shows.

HAL RAYLE – Brought the voices of Snarl, Shrapnel and Pipes to the G1 cartoon, amongst many others.

MARK RYAN – Bringing us right up to date, Mark voiced Bumblebee, Jetfire and Lockdown in the live action movies, appearing currently in TF5!

MAGGIE ROSWELL – A special addition here, bringing one of the stars of the biggest cartoon in history (The Simpsons) to talk about the voice-acting industry.

The Comics Talent

JOSH PEREZ – Colourist on countless series for IDW including the Barber-penned TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE series. His collaborations with Alex Milne has helped them become one of the most recognised art teams in the IDW comics era. Has a slight fondness for Bumblebee.

SARA PITRE-DUROCHER – Artist for IDW’s TIL ALL ARE ONE series, Sara has also produced numerous pieces of box art for Hasbro’s recent TF releases. Has a slight fondness for Starscream.

JACK LAWRENCE – Artist for IDW’s LOST LIGHT, bringer of all the feels for “giant fightin’ robots” and veteran of the UK’s Transmaster fan community. 

JOHN-PAUL BOVE– Writer and colourist, known for utilising the styles of numerous era’s in some of IDW’s most challenging recent projects such as REGENERATION ONE and is currently colouring vintage stories for Hachette's Transformers: Definitive G1 Collection.

ALEX MILNE – Wowing readers with his work on ROM Vs THE TRANSFORMERS, Alex’s art contributed significantly to IDW’s trailblazing MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE series.

KEI ZAMA – Artist for IDW’s OPTIMUS PRIME series, Kei brings a “heavy metal” style to a series that is resonating strongly with fans… we cannot mention the most recent release without shedding tears.

NICK ROCHE – Writer/artist currently adding Marvel and creator-owned series to a CV that already shines bright with his work on two WRECKERS miniseries!

JAMES ROBERTS – Writer of IDW’s LOST LIGHT and responsible for many a fans tears of joy/pain/love/loss….. Delete as appropriate

SIMON FURMAN – The UK’s own “godfather” of the TF lore, a man whose influence still shapes the franchise today.

STEPHEN BASKERVILLE – Providing a distinct visual polish to comics ranging from his Marvel UK work through to IDW’s REGENERATION ONE and DRIFT miniseries.

GEOFF SENIOR – To many, the visual heart of the Marvel UK G1 comics and an inspiration to several of this generations talents.

JIM SORENSON – Archivist, publisher and honorary member of the TFNation team, Jim is responsible for many of the most vital reference books on the franchise, as well as helping create this year’s incredible Animated tribute.

Further transmissions to follow.


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